HMV Curzon: Good stuff

Thursday September 10th 2009

HMV is a mainstream retailer selling a variety of discs from locations across the UK. They have a few very good shops and a lot of alright ones. Curzon is a cinema chain with five locations specialising in arthouse and foreign movies. They’re all good but the ponce meter can tend to point in their direction.

Now they’re teaming up to create HMV Curzon: a chain of high-end cinemas placed above existing HMV stores. The first one will open in glamourous Wimbledon on the 23rd October and will debut with Dr. Parnassus, The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Up in 3D.

Here’s why it’s all so exciting:

  • All new auditoriums
  • All digital projection
  • ‘State of the art’ sound whatever that means
  • Nice bar
  • In theory, it will show everything. Digital projection makes it so much easier to make a varied programme profitable that it should be showing The White Ribbon in one screen and New Moon in another.
  • All allocated seating
  • Cheap: tickets for as little at £3
  • It looks so fucking smart. Have you seen that picture up there^^^^?

I’m hoping beyond hope that the HMV Curzon will fulfill all the demands of our manifesto. I will be there. I will be counting.