I love Peter Facinelli because he loves Can’t Hardly Wait

Wednesday January 18th 2012

Remember Can’t Hardly Wait, the amazing late-90s teen film with the all-star ensemble cast and the incredibly irritating protagonist?

Well, it turns out supporting actor Peter Facinelli (currently plastering his serious face all over the Twilight Saga) does too. He’s been talking to IFC this week about how much he wants to do a sequel, and he’s even got the plot worked out:

“I said I would only do it if Mike [his jock character] could get Amanda [Jennifer Love Hewitt] back at the end of the movie. I think basically everyone’s stereotypes are now switched. Now he’s basically the loser. The nerd was the loser in the first movie, now [Mike’s] the loser and then he kind of climbs back and gets back on his horse. And the nerdy kid is now the Bill Gates who’s kind of like the new Mike, bossing everyone around.”

On this evidence, Sony are missing a trick if they don’t immediately greenlight Can’t Hardly Wait 2, starring Peter Facinelli, written by Peter Facinelli and directed by Peter Facinelli. And while we’re at it, how about a whole raft of role-reversal movies for sorely maligned antagonists?

I’d like to see Toy Story 4 focus on how Andy’s ‘evil’ neighbour Sid was forced to abandon his precocious talent for arts and crafts and instead become a bin man so that a bunch of wealthy animation nerds could validate their own sense of self-worth.