Guidelines for usage of Ultra Culture quotes on posters for films directed by child rapists

Monday January 30th 2012

Thanks to a tip off from @James__Hall on Twitter, I was able to pick up a copy of The Observer yesterday, which featured on its reverse a poster for Carnage. Much to my amazement, there I was — quoted in pride of place alongside The Times and The Independent. As you may remember, an article I wrote last November did indeed refer to the film as …

‘a taut, laugh-out-loud comedy’

… but the main thrust of the piece was that Hollywood needs to consider the ethical ramifications of doing business with a man who still hasn’t faced sentencing for his child rape conviction. In the same article, I suggested that:

‘from this point onwards all reviews, posters and other marketing materials for his films should be accompanied by a Surgeon General-style warning, featuring quotes from the infamous rape trial.’

In all honestly, I had little hope of my suggestion being taken seriously, but now that my influence over the film’s marketing materials has been so resolutely confirmed, I’m confident that my demands can still be met.

I would therefore like to insist that Studio Canal, should they wish to use my name on any future advertising (and please do, I’m honoured to be mentioned in such prestigious company), must adhere to my advice and put the warning system into immediate effect. Here’s a mock-up they may wish to forward to the design team:

It’s all about transparency, people.