Stay classy, Revolver Entertainment PR department

Monday February 6th 2012

Bravely tackling the thorny issues of student debt and nocturnal prostitution in a single spectacularly misguided DVD campaign, Revolver Entertainment this morning launched a competition offering British students the chance to win £1000 by following in the footsteps of Lucy, the disaffected Australian student at the centre of Julia Leigh’s Sleeping Beauty. According to the grammatically deficient press release:

“Sleeping Beauty sees young university student, Lucy, earn some extra cash by being a Sleeping Beauty and is drawninto a mysterious hidden world of beauty and desire…”

… which is true, but neglects to mention that this particular ‘mysterious hidden world’ sees Lucy routinely abused, both verbally and physically, for the sexual gratification of a group of elderly men.

The press release goes on:

“Could you do what Lucy does and enter a mysterious world to gain yourself some extra cash? What would you do for quick money?

To be the real Sleeping Beauty you only need to be three things: a STUDENT, AVAILABLE on Tuesday 21st February and BE UP FOR A NAP!

The lucky winner will be tucked up in a luxurious bed in a public place on Tuesday 21st February for 12 hours (breaks included!) and will be awarded with £1000 for doing absolutely nothing!”

There’s no mention of the precise amount of molestation that will occur during the ‘nap’ but if it’s anything at all like the movie itself, chances are the ‘lucky winner’ will come into contact with at least one naked corpse during the gut-wrenching twelve hour ordeal. And it goes without saying that full nudity will be required.

So, unless you’re really desperate for the cash (in which case, click here to apply) you might want to wait for Tyrannosaur: The Live Experience!, in which a host of domestic abuse victims come together to win big cash prizes for your entertainment!

Early bird tickets £24.99.