Win tickets to an exclusive Ultra Culture screening of Michael!

Monday February 20th 2012

Just ten short months after it’s Cannes premiere, Michael — my favourite film of 2012 thus far — is finally getting a UK release, on Friday 2nd March. And because they’re smart, generous and more than a little bit sexy, the lovely people over at Artificial Eye are putting on a special free preview of the film exclusively for Ultra Culture readers.

The screening will take place on Monday 27th February at Covent Garden’s fancy Hospital Club (here is a photograph of The Saturdays standing outside the club for reference) and will start at 6:30pm sharp.


With a terrifyingly inexpressive central performance from Michael Fuith, Michael is a study of child abduction stripped clean of sensationalism. Shot with clinical precision by first-time director Markus Schleinzer, it’s a bold, divisive look at an uncomfortably topical issue. Here’s a trailer:

Be there or be blissfully unscarred by the horrific depths of human suffering square.