This year’s Billy Eichner Oscar video and a liveblog warning

Saturday February 25th 2012

With each passing year, it becomes more and more apparent that Billy Eichner should be hosting the Oscars. Informed, anarchic and authentically irreverent, he’d be the awards host Ricky Gervais might have been if he hadn’t become friends with half of Hollywood first (his annual Golden Globes quips now feel about as rebellious as calling your mate a twat down the pub).

The Academy continue to rebuff Eichner — a snub made all the worse by their choosing of another, much worse Billy as Eddie Murphy’s replacement for host this year — but they have seen some kind of sense and opted to fund Eichner’s annual Oscar preview video, which you can see above.

As for me, my Oscar plans haven’t changed much since last year. Once again I’ll be in a warm, Sky-enabled environment (albeit one that isn’t Soho House) and I’ll be liveblogging throughout the night, from 11pm to 5am. So tune in! It’s sure to be grim.

EDIT: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the liveblog is cancelled. Get on with your lives.