Important stories of our time: Marky Mark nearly predicts Oscars

Tuesday February 28th 2012

One of the more interesting stories in The Sun last Saturday was the revelation that Mark Wahlberg knew who was going to win the Oscars because he’s “got a friend at Pricewaterhouse” [the company who certify the votes for the Oscars]. Speaking to The Sun’s Beci Wood, Wahlberg said:

“It’s not a matter of who I want to win, it’s who I know is going to win.”

Can’t you just picture his face when he came out with that line? I can. It looks like this:

The paper didn’t print all of his predictions (presumably for fear that Marky Mark’s prescience could cause the global collapse of the Oscar betting market) but they did offer a few choice tips. I’ve bolded up the ones he got right:

Best Picture – The Artist
Best Actor – Jean Dujardin
Best Actress – Viola Davis
Best Supporting Actor – Christopher Plummer
Best Supporting Actress – Octavia Spencer
Best Cinematography – Hugo
Best Costume Design – Hugo
Best Sound Editing – Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Best Art Direction – Hugo

Only six out of nine? And they were all the bookies’ favourites? You’d be forgiven for thinking that Mark Wahlberg actually has no insider information about the Academy Awards whatsoever and is just making it all up to seem important.

You wouldn’t want to write that down though — it would be libellous.