Win a 21 Jump Street-inspired nitrogen triiodide costume!

Monday March 19th 2012

I’m no stranger to getting weird shit through the post in the name of movie marketing, but a package I received last Friday is going to take some beating in the ‘what the fuck is this and why have I been sent it?’ stakes. Together with a few bags of sweets and a ‘back to school’ mixtape, I’d been couriered a handmade nitrogen triiodide costume (see above, modelled by glamourous Ultra Culture assistant Natasha).

If you’ve seen 21 Jump Street you’ll know that there’s a running joke in the movie about people dressing up as chemical compounds (and if you haven’t seen it, that fact alone should give you ample motivation to do so). Here, one such costume has been lovingly recreated by the PR wizards at Way to Blue, and as you can see from this slightly blurry screengrab of Channing Tatum dressed as potassium nitrate, it’s not a bad approximation:

Unsurprisingly, it soon emerged that the costume was the work of one extraordinarily talented intern by the name of Tatiana Shehfe. Here’s what she had to say:

“It took 2 days to make, using materials such as glue, felt, wool, yarn and some imagination and creativity. I thought it was a very creative and fun task to do.”

Because this is clearly too much awesome for just one person (and it’s actually kind of gross and sticky), I’ve decided to give the costume away to a lucky reader. To be in with a chance of winning, simply comment below with your idea for an enterprising PR stunt for an upcoming cinema release. And bear in mind that this is the reality you’re up against. So think big.

Winner announced Wednesday-ish.