Not ‘The best British film of the year’

Tuesday November 10th 2009

I saw this film ages ago. I can’t remember most of it to be honest. If you’ve seen the trailer you probably know about as much as I do.

It’s an old-man-vigilante film in the vein of Death Wish (when I say ‘in the vein’, I mean that it’s exactly the same) and stars MiCaine as the titular anti-hero, who goes round stabbing and shooting people aged between 15 and 21 who wear hooded tops.

The yoof cast are pretty much the usual faces:

It’s also quite a musical cast. There’s an exciting scene where Plan B is having an argument with Charlie Creed-Miles from North of Ping Pong and it seems like a collaboration is on the cards.

Morally, it’s insane and sickening and inexcusable. Not quite as bad as Eden Lake, even if only because the bad guys in this have at least committed a crime other than not being middle class.

That’s generous.