This week in Blu-ray Disc

Thursday October 1st 2009

As you well know, I got given a Blu-ray player a little while back. To celebrate, I thought I might as well start reviewing a few ‘titles’. These three came out on Monday so sorry they’re a little late. On a genuine note, you really are missing out if you’re not on Blu-ray yet. Especially if you have an HD telly. There’s no excuse.

First off, it looks amazing. It’s still my 13th favourite film of the year, Seth Rogen is still doing well and it’s still worth owning on any format even if you didn’t win our competition. As for extras, there’s a creepy picture-in-picture feature where you can watch the director and cast watching the movie while you watch the movie. It’s very meta. And then a gag reel, obviously.

First off, it looks amazing. I love The Elephant Man. It’s bloody genius. And now that we’re finally getting some HD Lynch goodness, it’s as good a place to start as anywhere. On the downside, trust Optimum to be the first to go against the Blu-ray blue stripe packaging with their stupid ‘gatefolds’.

First off, it looks amazing. It’s not a film I watch very often (at 182 minutes) but I’m always glad when I do. And I expect I’ll be doing so much more often now that I’m not watching my crappy blurry version taped off of Film4. Extras-wise, it’s a comprehensive but disappointingly standard definition selection.

All in all, an unambiguous thumbs up for Blu-ray. Huzzah!