Enter the Void and fourteen similarly amazing films to play this year’s Summer Screen

Friday May 11th 2012

The line-up for this year’s Film4 Summer Screen has just been announced and as usual, it’s a thing of beauty. Pitch-perfect double bills, classy Italian neorealism and not a single bad film (as far as I know) in the bunch. Just look at this bloody masterpiece:

Thursday 16th August

On the Road

Friday 17th August

The Birds

Saturday 18th August

Enter the Void / Don’t Think

Sunday 19th August

The Watch

Monday 20th August

Apocalypse Now

Tuesday 21st August

Bicycle Thieves

Wednesday 22nd August

Paris, Texas

Thursday 23rd August

Pretty in Pink

Friday 24th August

Boogie Nights / Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Saturday 25th August

Sexy Beast / Drive

Sunday 26th August

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Monday 27th August


On the Road and Lawless will both have their UK premieres at Summer Screen, while the Sunday night screening of The Watch — previously known as Neighborhood Watch — is a ‘People’s Premiere’, whatever that is.

Tickets go on sale a week today from here. If you want to see a film in my glorious presence, I’ll almost certainly be coming along to Enter the Void, Boogie Nights and Pretty in Pink — I’ll be the one cringing at every single thing that comes out of Duckie’s fucking stupid mouth.