The 10 most delightfully sassy one-liners from Joyful Noise

Wednesday June 27th 2012

“When foxes pack the jury box, the chicken’s always guilty.”

“There’s always free cheese in the mousetrap, but trust me: the mice there ain’t happy.”

“You date that little girl, Vi Rose will just about lay square eggs.”

“I like your hair, GG. You worried you’re not gonna be seen from space?”

“I’d call you stubborn but that’d be an insult to mules.”

“I would hang mirrors all over my house if I could just to look at myself.”

Trying to fool me is like trying to sneak sunrise past a rooster.

“When someone don’t fit in a neat little box, the answer ain’t to squeeze them in harder.”

God didn’t make plastic surgeons so they could starve.

“I’m old? You read the bible to reminisce.”