Have you ‘liked’ The Paperboy on Facebook yet? You should.

Thursday July 12th 2012

There’s a right way to do PR, and there’s a wrong way to do PR, and very occasionally there’s a way to do PR that’s so utterly incorrect it goes straight through both right and wrong and into fabulous. The Facebook page for Lee Daniels’s latest surrealist masterpiece The Paperboy is a good example of that last category.

Ever since it exploded into life in December of last year, the page has been relentlessly spamming its thousand or so followers with poorly spelled news items, bizarre review excerpts and unintelligible biographies of the film’s A-list cast. When the film had its Cannes premiere back in May, the page’s author was there, posting red carpet photos, critical responses and even a sympathetic ‘better luck next time’ after Haneke robbed Daniels of the festival’s top prize:

Things didn’t slow down after the movie returned to the United States, with The Paperboy continuing to a hot potato:

Instead, the updates came thick and fast, filled with witty anecdotes and exciting previews of the ‘Erotic Drama Crime Thriller about Conflict Danger Deceit Seduction and Betrayal’. The page’s author seemed to know everything there was to know about the film, but refreshingly they were never afraid to ask questions when their encyclopaedic knowledge fell short…

Distributions deals and international release date announcements were all reliably reported, as was the 46th birthday of John Cusack:

And while the page isn’t always at the coalface of developments in the The Paperboy‘s production, only realising last week that the film is based on a novel…

… it makes up for any such failings with the consistently high quality of its trivia:

And best of all, its knows a good thing when it see one:

Update: some devastating news via Twitter:


Don’t worry baby, you’re still real to me.