Oz: The Great and Powerful has 2012’s best aspect ratio shift

Friday July 13th 2012

Any doubts I may have had about Sam Raimi’s long-awaited $200million return to blockbuster filmmaking Oz: The Great and Powerful were fully assuaged today when I found myself confronted by this at the 0:47 mark of its new theatrical trailer:

Why, it’s only the greatest aspect ratio shift since A Serious Man.

Arrogantly one-upping The Wizard of Oz and its famous first-act shift from sepia tone to three-strip Technicolor, Raimi not only flips off the ‘desaturate’ button but also deftly expands the frame from 1.37:1 to 2.39:1 during his unveiling of the titular wonderland. The effect’s pretty spectacular, even if the Burtonesque CGI gimmicks that follow fail to live up to the beautiful black and white imagery of the trailer’s first half.

Give me James Franco staring curiously at floating debris over an animated Troll doll-looking motherfucker any day.