Sight & Sound’s 10 Greatest Films of All Time, and their one-star IMDb reviews

Thursday August 2nd 2012

If you ever want to feel completely and utterly cine-illiterate, go and stand in a room with hundreds of the UK’s most knowledgeable film buffs for three hours as they debate the relative merits of cinema’s greatest achievements. That’s exactly what I did last night as Sight & Sound launched their latest Greatest Films of All Time list at the BFI Southbank. Since its launch in 1952, the decennial poll has remained the most prestigious of all ‘best film’ lists, and is now voted for by over 800 critics and experts from around the world. It’s kind of a big deal.

Of course, even the greatest films of all time are bound to have their fair share of detractors, and most of them can be found on IMDb:

10. 8½

(Fellini, 1963)

garbage, 10 October 2006

Author: lilballa08 from United States

This film, shot on a video camcorder of some sort, is a testament to the prowess of stupidity. you’ll be lucky to find it in your local store, and i believe it received extremely limited distribution. That it got produced in the first place is a small miracle. though i consider myself a fan of the psychotronic b-movie genre, this film goes wrong in the wrong places. Sure, the acting is bad, the plot confounded, the editing nonexistent. But if i wanted to see a film this bad, I’d go watch all the stupid videos I recorded with my friends in elementary school. Eight and a half is about 2 hours and 18 minutes of just that.

9. The Passion of Joan of Arc

(Dreyer, 1927)

A slow boring movie about a deluded false prophet, 30 March 2012

Author: LoveUnrealisticMovies from India

This movie explores the side-effects of taking Christianity too seriously. Jeanne Falconetti acted like she was hallucinating on drugs and experiencing a really bad trip.She calls herself as “Daughter of God” and many other things. I couldn’t understand why the Judges were wasting time around this psycho. To watch her “act” was a torture. I don’t know why her performance is hailed by many as one of the greatest acting performance in cinematic history. The movie is too slow and boring. The only part I liked was when joan was being humiliated and tortured. How I wish I could go back in time and do my part in humiliating her.The movie expects the audience to feel sorry for Joan of arc but I couldn’t wait for her execution so that the damn movie would end.

8. Man with a Movie Camera

(Vertov, 1929)

Let’s be honest, 15 October 2009

Author: jtdunlop from Melbourne, Australia

This film was utterly pointless garbage. It didn’t anticipate Quanitiqatsu or whatever, it anticipated pointless garbage. Anything set to Glass is as equally pointless as anything set to the moron that gratuitously filmed this absolute tripe. This film didn’t invent the jump cut, it invented a reason for the jump cut to wish it had never ever been anticipated. Don’t be a darling of the critics — the critics to be honest don’t know crap. 

If you want to be bored out of your god-fearing mother-humping skulls, rent this tripe, but if you have an iota of standards, rent Gigli or any other Afleck fill and you will be far ahead of this 65 minutes that seems like 600000005 minutes of sheer boredom.

7. The Searchers

(Ford, 1956)

Not fun to watch, 20 July 2011

Author: bob jones from United States

This movie is highly rated and recommended but I certainly can’t understand why. The pacing is slow and monotonous, with no clear direction. It is hard to get through the whole thing. And the passage of time was clearly not well thought out, there is no indication between the passing of a few days or many months/years. To me, it seems like an inadequate job of planning and execution for this movie. A lot of people seem to like how “mysterious” and “complex” John Wayne’s character is. It’s really not a big deal, I’m not sure what everyone gets so worked up about. OK, he’s a brooding character with secret love and passions, but nothing that is truly groundbreaking, attention grabbing, or original. Also, there is a whole subplot with his partner, Martin, and another girl that doesn’t really have anything to do with the main story. Overall, this movie lacked focus, direction, and pacing, and I would not recommend it to anyone.

6. 2001: A Space Odyssey

(Kubrick, 1968)

Simply put , the worst film I have ever seen, 22 April 2008
Author: phenommatty from United States

I have seen thousands of films ranging from foolish humor such as harold and kumar to brilliance like Requiem for a Dream. I’ve been wanting to see this film for years and after building my new home theater I deemed that this would be the film I would use for its opening. 


I found myself fast forwarding (Something I’ve never done in a film) through many of the so called ‘visual masterpiece’s’ If it wasn’t for HAL I would have broke this garbage into a thousand pieces. Don’t get me wrong I love every other one of Kubrick’s films, he just missed on this one..terrible.

5. Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans

(Murnau, 1927)

snooze…, 6 October 2004
Author: daseismann from Boston

Normally, I don’t make comments on movies, but someone needed to tell the truth about this movie. I admit that I don’t usually like silent films, but this was the worst I’ve seen. The whole plot is flat. The acting is AWFUL. The characters are one-dimensional. The story starts out with a married farmer who has fallen for a girl from the city visiting. Of course you can tell right away that she is evil because she’s smoking. She tries to convince the farmer to kill his wife and go to the city with her. He plans to and takes her out in a boat and then last minute decides not to. She’s scared of him, so she runs off to the city with him following her. The next hour is fastforwardable as it is only about the couple going through the city smiling and loving each other. This movie could have been okay if it was only the beginning and the end. That’s why it deserves the two out of ten that I gave it. Don’t waste your time unless you’re an insomniac and need something to help you finally get those well-needed zs.

4. La Règle du Jeu

(Renoir, 1939)

Absolutely boring, 14 May 2004
Author: deckardinlove from Madrid, Spain

This is an example of cult movie, that is not. By the time the film was in cinemas it was horrible results, and it is logical.The film is apparently a comedy with a drama include, but the film was so boring… The history was simple, a group of rich frenchs meets in a big house for a hunting, ant it happens a lot of confussions and unexpected romances. The film is not more much, it is so slow and boring… that the viewer wants that film just finish. You can find similitudes with the style of Lubitsch, but Lubitch´s titles are more interesting and dinamics than this. Not recomendable for common viewer, only for people interested in story of cinema

3. Tokyo Story

(Ozu, 1953)

wot a load of crap!, 16 November 2004
Author: DanielFeatherstone from Blackpool England

When i heard that this film had been critically acclaimed many times over and has been in the critics top ten films for many years i was expecting a classic. All the film was is a bunch of people who dnt seem to show emotion no matter what is happening, for example when the fathers wife dies he doesn’t look bothered. Also, can somebody tell me what actually happens to make this film good. Compared to Kurosowa’s films of the time like Seven Samuri and Rashomon which were fantastic this must have been the worst Japanese film I’ve seen to date. Half way through it i was beginning to believe that we were watchin a pair of old buskers going from house to house talking about how much sleep they had. Very disappointing picture.

2. Citizen Kane

(Welles, 1941)

What da………., 6 July 2006
Author: lopesche from Canada

OK here it goes….. I’ve been using this great site for many years reviewing, searching, and occasionally reading reviews. Never have I left a comment on movies before, but after watching this movie it seems I had no choice. I got this movie as a gift, being I’m sort of a “movie buff” the person got it for me cause it was said to be one of the greatest movies ever. My first attempt, I fell asleep, perhaps due to a long and hectic day. My second attempt, I was in the mood for a great classic/drama and gave it another chance. Now I’m not going to go into all the fancy terms critics use to evaluate movies, or scripts, screens, acting….but this movie, is by far, the most boring movie I have ever seen in my life. Its just that simple. Boring. In 1941….perhaps a classic, but today….BORING.

1. Vertigo

(Hitchcock, 1958)

This movie SUCKED, 17 August 2007
Author: s_a_n_d_w_i_c_h_e_s from United States

This is the most boring film I have ever seen and you will think the same if you see it. This movie goes on forever and never stops ever until it ends. I wish this film had stayed away from me.

 It’s all about an old guy in a car who is chasing a woman and that’s it. There is more car driving in this film than in maybe a hundred other films all put together. He never even catches her! What a waste of time. I’m not allowed to tell you what happens later in the film but trust me you don’t want to know. It’s rubbish. 

The film looks so fake like a cartoon and it was about to make me laugh until I remembered how bored I was. I’d rather tidy my bedroom than see another minute of that old guy driving. I don’t want to see this film or anything like it ever again.