The Informant!

Saturday October 17th 2009

Sometimes / you / canoverhype / a / movie.

I was worried that after literally months of excitement, my experience of the 9am London Film Festival press screening of Steven Soderbergh’s new one was going to be a bit of a disappointment. Of course, all of my fears were soon assuaged. Assssuuuuuuaaaaaggggggggeed.

Because The Informant! is exactly as amazing as I’d expected, but in a completely different way than I’d imagined. It’s not a kooky farce about a dimwitted corporate executive. It’s a bizarre, stylish, intelligent and genuinely hilarious comedy about a properly fascinating character. And it’s shot on Red Cam. And it looks really nice.

AND MATT DAMON. Absolutely Tour de France.

All of which adds up to a respectable 6th placing on our Best of 2009 list:

Over and out.

Monday 19th October, 20:30, Odeon West End, Screen 2, sold out
Saturday 24th October, 13:15, Vue West End, Screen 7, sold out
Monday 26th October, 13:30, Vue West End, Screen 6, sold out