A quick reminder to take that waltz

Monday August 13th 2012

Michelle Williams can’t catch a fucking break. Her last ten films have seen her play a prescription-drug-addicted actress, a desperately thirsty 19th Century settler, a wife on the verge of divorce, a filicidal mother, a homeless dog-owner and the wife of a closeted gay cowboy, amongst other unfortunates. Things aren’t looking up for the wee petal this week as she takes on the role of Margot, the disillusioned suburban twentysomething at the centre of irritatingly talented multi-hyphenate Sarah Polley’s second film Take This Waltz.

Williams works her adorable little chipmunk cheeks to the bone in this typically weighty role, and comes away with one of the best performances of her career. Other things that impress: the film’s exemplary attitude towards naturalised nudity, Seth Rogen’s pleasingly underplayed turn as Margot’s oblivious husband Lou, the palpable sense of ‘missing out on something’ Polley seems to capture with ease, the swimming pool scene (one of 2012’s best) and an utterly devastating five minute time-lapse that plays out like the prologue from Up with more threesomes.

All in all: one of the year’s best. Now if we can just get Michelle Williams a nice animated role or something — she’s earned a little R&R.