Jennifer’s Very Boring Body

Monday November 2nd 2009

Some things wot are unacceptable about Jennifer’s Body:

  • It’s a horror comedy but it only has two funny moments.
  • It’s a horror comedy but it doesn’t have any scary moments.
  • It’s another terrible film to add to Megan Fox’s resume, even after she was good in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.
  • It’s desperately trying to lure in the teen boy market with a series of sexy posters but contains no nudity.
  • It expects us to believe that Amanda Seyfried is a social outcast. Amanda Seyfried.
  • It has a joke in it about Wikipedia that Coronation Street probably made five years ago.
  • It wants to be Heathers so bad that it’s invented a whole host of crap slang. Salty=attractive, Jello=jealous, etc.
  • At one point, Megan Fox’s character (I presume she was called Jennifer) says ‘move on’ and then adds ‘dot org’ for no apparant reason. Dot org.

What it does have to offer is a good phone failure scene. See previous: