Thursday October 15th 2009

45365 is an elegiac portrait of goings-on in the middle-American town of Sydney, Ohio, a celebration of everyday life, be it mundane or profound. Filmed over the course of a nine month period, the camera follows events at the county fair, at the radio station, on a judge’s re-election campaign, with the football team, at a care home, in the church, at the barbershop and elsewhere, presenting fascinating and engaging images of modern Americana, while stories about the relationships between lovers, between fathers and sons, and between cops and offenders, emerge almost incidentally.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: movies where very little happens are crap, but movies where nothing at all happens are incredible. An arty smash.

Halfway through the screening a fire alarm went off, but the film’s sound mix is so nutty that about two minutes went past before anyone realised it wasn’t just part of the soundtrack.

Monday 19th October, 20:30, Odeon West End, Screen 2, sold out
Saturday 24th October, 13:15, Vue West End, Screen 7, sold out
Monday 26th October, 13:30, Vue West End, Screen 6, sold out