Fear not, Looper is downright fab.

Monday September 10th 2012

I honestly don’t know what my beef was with Rian Johnson. Long before I even knew his name, I was walking out of Brick thirty minutes into its runtime, utterly convinced it was a pile of shit. A couple of years after that I declared The Brothers Bloom the worst film of that year’s London Film Festival, a statement which even resulted in a very minor online feud between me and Johnson (the remnants of which have thankfully since been wiped from the internet). More recently, I took exception to both of his widely acclaimed episodes of Breaking Bad without even realising that they were his. Clearly, something about his work simply didn’t sit right with me.

Anyway, that’s all over now because Looper is the shit.

Boasting an opening half hour so swamped with undiluted ingenuity that you easily forgive the film it’s big flabby muffin top of a second act, Johnson’s $60 million blockbuster blends its flawlessly executed action sequences (the roots of which can be seen in Brick‘s spectacular foot chase scene) with an attention to logic that never falters, even when faced with scenarios far beyond the imaginations of most Hollywood sci-fi efforts.

It also features Piper Perabo. </discussion>