Another belated Blu-ray round-up

Friday October 16th 2009

First off, I’m sure it probably does look amazing but unfortunately no Blu-ray preview discs were available so I’ve only seen it on DVD.
What I can vouch for is the fact that this is hands-down the second best film of the year and you’d be a big old moron not to own it on some sort of home entertainment format. That said, you might want to import it from the States or something to avoid the disastrous UK cover art (see above).
First off, it looks amazing. Shaun of the Dead is a movie that suits Blu-ray not only for the qual difference, but for the special features. They’re all the same ones off of the old DVD release, but with all the pop-up menus and picture-in-picture storyboards, they’ve never been so exciting. Hot Fuzz is out too which I haven’t seen but probably looks even better than this.