The Road (or A Rant About Film Critics)

Saturday October 17th 2009

I don’t read much (talk about conforming to expectations) so whenever I see a movie adaptation of a book I actually have read, it’s tempting to spend 90% of the review comparing it to its source material.

But that, of course, would be hella boring. Watching films shouldn’t be about context. You shouldn’t have to have read the book or learnt the history. Certainly such things may enhance the experience, but by no means should they be required.

That’s why I hate Cosmo Landesman. You’re lucky if you get 10 words in one of his reviews about the actual movie.

So, The Road. There’s nothing wrong with it as such: the cast are very proficient and the tone is consistent and fairly compelling. But the whole thing feels really ‘by the numbers’ if you know what I mean. You’re unlikely to know what I mean unless you’ve also seen the film.

Anyway, 5/10.

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