An interactive journey into the dark heart of Sir Derek Jacobi

Tuesday October 16th 2012

This week in our regular feature What Is Derek Jacobi’s Agent Smoking?, we cast a spotlight on the BFI’s new interactive guide to the GPO film unit. Covering the history of the General Post Office’s filmmaking division throughout the 1930s, the video is produced in partnership with BT and hosted by none other than Sir Derek Jacobi — scholar, gentleman, beach-combing tramp.

Accessible via the unsettlingly demonic URL…

… the interactive tour is awash with delightful Jacobisms, all structured around a series of multiple-choice questions. It’s basically a Choose Your Own Adventure story hosted by everyone’s favourite belligerent British thespian. Best of all, if at any point you fail to select an answer — or worse, press the ‘who cares?’ button — Jacobi himself chastises you for your indecision.

‘Now come on! This isn’t television. You have to push buttons! To push, or not to push? That is the question! If you don’t push, nothing will happen. And where have we heard that before?’

I genuinely have no idea, Derek.