Tuesday October 20th 2009

Micmacs (sorry, MICMACS) is the new one from Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amélie, Delicatessen) and it’s a bit like a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film. It’s very kooky. Characters do things like miming all the dialogue from The Big Sleep and converting scrap metal into friendly mechanical robots.

Normally that sort of thing drives me slightly insane but there’s so much of it in MICMACS that after a while I just gave in so I didn’t have to sit through the 102 minute runtime crying quietly into my complimentary chocolate bar. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

THE FINAL WORD: Annoying but efficient. You won’t be bored.

Tuesday 20th October, 15:45, Vue West End, Screen 7, book now

Also: who do they think they are with that capiltalised title, INLAND EMPIRE?