Kids can be fucking cunts

Tuesday October 16th 2012

Between Compliance, The Hunt and Beyond the Hills, this year’s London Film Festival has been a veritable goldmine for fans of bleak methodical dramas about destructive group behaviour. But none of those films can quite hold a candle to After Lucia, a slow-and-steady portrait of high school bullying so devastatingly plausible that more than once I had to remind myself it was only a movie — just to quell the urge to jump through the screen and start retributively cutting motherfuckers. This reaction is of course equally troubling, as writer-director Michel Franco is quick to point out.

The film has yet to secure UK distribution, which means there are just two definite opportunities to see it remaining. If you’re prepared to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror afterwards, I suggest you take one of them.

93 more riling minutes of cinema you will not find.