The Boys Are Crap

Wednesday October 21st 2009

I wanted The Boys Are Back to be good purely because I was so proud of myself for this piece of investigative genius back in August.

It was not to be.

It begins inexplicably with a ‘Based On a True Story’ title, as if we wouldn’t believe otherwise that a story as outlandish as a really boring father looking after his two children in Australia could possibly have happened in real life. What is quite hard to believe is that you could care so little about every single one of the characters. About an hour in someone calls Clive Owen’s character ‘Joe’ and it took me totally by surprise.

On the upside, people can stop paying thousands of pounds on film school courses and just use this as a how-not-to guide.

Wednesday 21st October, 20:30, Vue West End, Screen 5, last minute tickets
Wednesday 21st October, 20:45, Vue West End, Screen 7, last minute tickets
Thursday 22nd October, 15:30, Vue West End, Screen 5, book here
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