Bonkers movie tie-in of the week: Jessie J’s ‘Silver Lining’

Sunday November 25th 2012

As if the international marketing of Silver Linings Playbook hadn’t already strayed far enough from David O. Russell’s bland but nonetheless particular vision, along comes the video for Jessie J’s Silver Lining (Crazy ‘Bout You) — the lead single from the film’s otherwise forgettable OST.

After a baffling prologue in which Jessie J loads up the Silver Linings Playbook Facebook page (‘In Theatres November 21’) and prepares to leave the comment “CRAZY BOUT YOU! – Jessie J” before being interrupted by a phone call from herself, the clip gives way to a Babooshka-esque performance video in which key scenes from the film are projected onto the Dagenham-born popstrel’s naked torso.

Lyrically, J treads decidedly similar ground to the film itself — “You’re my silver lining / You make the light come through / I’m crazy / I’m crazy ’bout you” — making clear in 4 minutes and 3 seconds what took Russell more than two hours, and with more or less the same degree of emotional depth.

If — as various ‘pundits’ are currently predicting — Jennifer Lawrence does take home next year’s Best Actress Oscar, the Academy need look no further for her walk-on music. And if they’re looking to modernise the presentation of their nominee clips, the video might prove useful too: