A Prophet

Saturday October 24th 2009

number 13. This is probably unfair. It’s probably better than Rachel Getting Married and Fish Tank. I just can’t really remember it.

I fear that the same thing will happen with A Prophet. Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredible. It’s gritty and powerful and ludicrously affecting. It’s full of complex characters and profound little arty sequences. It makes almost every other prison drama look like The Escapist. IT EVEN HAS BRILLIANT TITLES.

But will I remember it in December 2010? At the moment, it would easily head up our Best of 2010 list, but it’s not the sort of film I’m likely to re-watch on Blu-ray any time soon. It doesn’t hold its 150 runtime anywhere near as well as The White Ribbon does. I probably wouldn’t have even managed it in one sitting if I wasn’t trapped inside a cinema. Which would have ruined everything.

So, in short…

… and then keep reminding me how good it is for the next 14 months.

Saturday 24th October, 19:00, Vue West End, Screen 5, last minute tickets
Monday 26th October, 12:30, Vue West End, Screen 5, last minute tickets