Trash Humpers

Wednesday October 28th 2009

Trash Humpers (they missed a trick by not going with TRASH HUMPERS or even TRASH HUMPERS!) is the new ‘film’ from perpetual weirdybucket Harmony Korine. It’s about a group of anti-social freakish outcasts who just hang out and film each other doing stuff. Including the titular waste fornication.

There’s a ‘trailer’ for the film on YouTube and it’s 47 seconds long. The film itself is 78 minutes long, or 99.6 times longer than the trailer.

Trust me, watching this trailer 99.6 times will be no more or less rewarding than watching the movie itself. This is not a criticism. Or a complement. It is merely a statement.

Don’t worry, this movie wouldn’t be so pathetically commercial as to shoot in 16:9. The actual film is in 4:3.