London-centric: Halloween Cinema

Thursday October 29th 2009

ICA, 6pm til 8am

Nerdfest Frightfest returns for it’s annual all-nighter and this year’s line-up looks like it might actually appeal to people other than just obsessive horror freaks. Amongst the six films showing are 5 UK premieres, including George Romero’s new Survival Of The Dead and current US ‘box office sensation’ Paranormal Activity. Just make sure you leave before Jennifer’s Body.

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A church in Islington, time unknown

The Union Chapel in Islington provides the setting for this special screening of John Carpenter’s 1978 horror classic, which is sponsored by Jameson Irish Whiskey. Tickets are free but available by ballot only so get in early ‘to avoid disappointment’. They’re also showing Dracula, American Werewolf and Colin in the days leading up to the 31st so why not keep going until you get that big complimentary bucket of Whiskey you’re hoping for?

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Prince Charles Cinema, 9am til midnight

Starting on Halloween and finishing the next day (at which point the whole thing must feel quite redundant) the Gorezone Weekender will showcase eight indie horror titles in front of an audience of even bigger losers than Frightfest. Organised by Gorezone Magazine (me neither) and now in its second year, the festival is still ignoring the fact that the Prince Charles seats are no way near comfortable enough to sit in for two days straight.

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11pm til 11am

Calling all masochists, come enjoy 12 hours of grizzly torture porn in the comfort of London’s biggest auditorium. The weirdest thing about this one is that the one movie that the audience probably won’t have seen (Saw VI) will end up being on at like 9am when everyone’s fallen asleep.

If the audiences at Gorezone and Frightfest are full of geeks, then fuck knows what kind of mentally ill psychopaths are going to turn up to this. Tickets are £26 so at least they’ll probably be quite well spoken.

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Or, you know, do something else.