More hobbity antics from Elijah Wood in the new trailer for Maniac

Thursday December 27th 2012

This might not last long on YouTube (ironically because of the breasts at 0:31 rather than the scalping at 1:29) so clear a couple of minutes from your schedule today and check it out. Based on the cult 1980 slasher film of the same name (now best remembered for inspiring the theme from Flashdance — somehow), Maniac sees Elijah Wood push against-type casting to its very limit, as he sheds his Frodoesque locks to play a serial killer who brutally murders a succession of young women in grizzly, lingering POV close-ups.

I have it on good authority that the film’s too grim to stand much of a chance against the BBFC’s stringent new sexual violence policy, so for now, these 136 seconds will have to do.