We’re ten days into 2013, and this is already the poster of the year.

Thursday January 10th 2013

With a US release set for March 22nd, a trailer primed to debut later this month, and now the unveiling of the monstrous dayglo masterpiece above, shit’s really gearing up for Harmony Korine’s sort-of-mainstream follow-up to Trash Humpersthe nightmarish teen crime opus Spring Breakers.

With any luck, the UK release won’t be too far behind, and barring any kind of ‘this video has been blocked in your territory’ nonsense, we’ll have the trailer whenever the States does. For now, here’s a photograph of Korine holding the trailer on a MacBook Pro, posted on Instagram by his wife:

‘Trailer’, ‘MacBook Pro’, ‘Instagram’, ‘wife’ — this is not your grandfather’s Harmony Korine.