Guess the number of seconds the BBFC will cut from Maniac and win a book about Elijah Wood!

Wednesday January 16th 2013

I finally saw Maniac, Franck Khalfoun’s gruesome POV slasher starring Elijah Wood as a part-time mannequin enthusiast and full-time serial killer, on Monday night, and I can confirm that it’s one of the most masterful albeit troubling horror movies of the year.

With graphic scalpings and pseudo-rapes aplenty, the film seems almost guaranteed to come a cropper when it goes up against the BBFC’s new sexual violence policy sometime between now and its proposed March 15th release date.

And so, it’s time to play my patented ‘Guess the Number of Seconds the BBFC Will Cut From Maniac’ game! All you have to do to take part is comment in the box below with the exact number of seconds you think will be removed from the 93-minute motion picture Maniac by the British Board of Film Classification. Once the board have made their decision, the closest guess will win my grand prize — this rather handsome book on ‘Hollywood’s Hottest Rising Star’:

I’ll get the bidding started with my own guess below.