Here are the rules of my ‘Flight’ drinking game…

Monday January 28th 2013

Sobriety initiative Dry January finally comes to an end this Friday, and what better way to celebrate than by going to see Flight, perhaps the drunkest movie of the year. To help you enjoy the film as Denzel Washington’s alcoholic airline pilot Whip Whitaker would do, I’ve devised this handy cut-out-and-keep drinking game that you can take into the cinema with you. Trust me, you’ll need it.

1. Drink every time Denzel downs a beer before midday.

2. Do a shot every time Denzel sneaks a miniature from the drinks trolley.

3. Finish your drink when he flies a plane upside down.

4. Weep into a tequila shot every time Denzel does this devastating face.

5. Drink until the pain goes away every time Kelly Reilly does something depressing.

6. Get the hard stuff out every time Denzel snorts a cheeky line.

7. Ponder the fragility of life (and finish your drink) when James Badge Dale shows up as a chemotherapy patient.

8. Pour all remaining alcohol down the sink once Denzel turns his life around.

9. Pop to the offie and buy some more when he starts drinking again.

10. Sit up straight and pretend you still give a fuck when everything suddenly gets serious and important life lessons are learned.