Check out all the advertising Disney aren’t doing for Oz the Great and Powerful

Friday March 8th 2013

Disney’s $200 million fantasy adventure Oz the Great and Powerful hits UK cinemas today, but you wouldn’t know it from the inexplicable dearth of advertising spend they’ve afforded the film outside of the US. It’s almost as if the studio are cutting their losses on the family film (starring a man famed for his hatred of anything broadly entertaining) before it turns into the next John Carter.

As you can see below, they’ve not advertised on the side of this 253 bus:

While here, they’ve not advertised on the side of an escalator:

Here’s a lovely poster they haven’t put up on the tube:

And here isn’t some advertising for the film on the side of a building:

Here you can see where they haven’t advertised the film in Euston station:

Similarly, they’ve not taken advantage of the advertising potential of this bus stop:

Here isn’t an Oz poster on a billboard:

And here’s a cab that’s also free of advertising for the film:

Finally, here isn’t a full-page ad on the inside of today’s Sun:

(In case you were wondering, Alex Zane went with ‘Not Tototally Successful’.)