Stranger by the Lake is worth seeing if you get the chance

Wednesday May 22nd 2013

Perhaps my favourite film of the Cannes Film Festival thus far (although the new Coen Brothers is blates a masterwork) is Alain Guiraudie’s erotic-drama-cum-murder-mystery Stranger by the Lake — where the operative word is unquestionably ‘cum’.

While the film’s fleeting uses of unsimulated sex grabbed most of the headlines when it premiered in the Un Certain Regard strand last week, those brief moments are, if anything,  a distraction from what is one of the most complete thrillers I’ve seen in years, which manages to evoke unimaginable tension with little more than a lake, a car park and a handful of naked Frenchmen.

I’m 90% sure someone has already picked it up for UK distribution, so keep your eyes peeled if you happen to live near one of the half-dozen gay-friendly cinemas in the country.