Proper Review: Paranormal Activity

Saturday November 7th 2009

A couple of days ago, I saw fit to moan about the reviews embargo on Paranormal Activity. It turns out that I’m a mug, and no such embargo exists. Apologies to all involved. And apologies to you, the loyal reader. I promise I will never again forget my obligation to safeguard your trust.

So here it is, a ‘review’ of Paranormal Activity:

PA is totally 100% jammy, and easily the best horror film I’ve seen in a Long Good Friday. As I’m literally certain you already know, it’s shot in a mockumentary ‘found footage’ style stolen from reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project. This style has gotten a bit ‘old hat’ in the last few years, mainly because studios insist on making such movies technologically implausible (Cloverfield appears to have been shot on at least 2K and has remarkably good pacing for something that supposedly hasn’t been edited).

Here though, it’s perfect because the filmmakers just DID IT LIKE IT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF IT WAS REAL. Which means bad imitation ‘camcorder’ filters and beautiful cinematography are OUT, and consumer HD-cams and footage that’s shot either by characters or from a tripod are distinctly IN.

Very real, very scary and very extremely good.


THE ONLY DOWNSIDE: We saw it in the Vue West End and sat in Row A, unaware that Row B had been classified ‘cunts only’ for the night. A shame.