Explain this one, atheists: EuroTrip coming to Blu-ray on December 3rd

Tuesday August 13th 2013

I don’t think it would be boastful or misleading to say that I’ve done more to further the cause of the 2004 teen sex comedy EuroTrip than any other human being living or dead, and that includes the film’s central cast and production crew. I’ve written about it countless times on this blog, talked about it on podcasts and delivered a lecture on it at Leeds University. I interviewed members of its cast and wrote a 2000 word essay on it for a zine I made a few years ago. I bulked up its meagre UK box office result when I screened it for a sold-out crowd at the ICA in 2011. And just last week, I provided live commentary over it at an event in Bethnal Green, while talking about the documentary I’m currently making, in which it also features.

So forgive me if I take a little personal pride in the announcement earlier this week that EuroTrip is at long last coming to Blu-ray (via @SiFoulaReel on Twitter). As part of a distribution deal with Paramount, Warner Brothers Home Entertainment will release the disc on December 3rd in the United States. With any luck, a UK release will follow soon after. For those like me who still aren’t satisfied with a bare bones DVD release, a lousy 720p TV rip and a horribly compressed ‘full-HD’ iTunes download, this is glorious news.

Here’s hoping they give the film the Criterion-esque handling it so sorely deserves and accept this cover art treatment I’ve just sent over: