A side-by-side comparison of the 18-rated Blue is the Warmest Colour and the 15-rated Kick-Ass 2

Monday September 30th 2013

Blue is the Warmest Colour

Kick-Ass 2

‘Contains strong sex and very strong language’

– British Board of Film Classification

‘Contains strong bloody violence, sex references and very strong language’

– British Board of Film Classification


The word ‘cunt’ is used twice during the film’s three-hour runtime, in both cases to illustrate moments of extreme emotional anguish in the life of the film’s adolescent protagonist Adele. The first instance is during a confrontation with a homophobic bully at Adele’s high school. The second comes in the midst of a fraught argument with Adele’s long-term partner Emma.
‘Cunt’ is also used twice here: once to announce the formation of a barbaric supervillain collective known as the ‘Toxic Mega Cunts’ and once in a witty put-down uttered by the film’s superhero protagonist Hit-Girl following her frenzied stabbing of a butch Russian evil-doer: “I would have thought a cunt like you could handle all those pricks”.


The film’s much-feted sex scenes chart the evolution of Adele and Emma’s relationship in intimate, emotional terms, as well as documenting Adele’s gradual discovery of her own sexuality. According to Variety’s Justin Chang, ‘each coupling signifies a deeper level of intimacy, laying an emotional foundation that pays off to shattering effect in the film’s third hour… audience titillation is beside the point’.
A group of teenage girls are sexually aroused at the sight of a Union J video, in a scene designed to teach Hit-Girl the error of her nonconformist ways, and remind her that, deep down, all adolescent females are basically hopeless boyband fetishists. Elsewhere, sadistic villain The Motherfucker asks a shackled woman if she wants to ‘know what evil dick feels like’ before forcing himself upon her, only to find himself unable to maintain an erection. ‘Look,’ the film seems to say, ‘he’s not even man enough to commit rape.


At the height of a fierce verbal confrontation between the pair, Emma slaps Adele firmly across the face. The slap lands with devastating clarity, jolting their emotional dynamic into the physical realm. Their relationship never truly recovers from the impact of this blow.
Frustrated by his abortive rape attempt, The Motherfucker orders his heavies to savagely beat his intended victim — an order which they carry out with haste and zeal. As she’s hospitalised, another villain turns her attention to the attending police officers, who are graphically killed one-by-one in one of the film’s countless mass-murder set pieces. The heroes, for their part, aren’t exactly models of compassion: in the film’s most gung-ho sequence, they order a German Shepherd to mutilate the genitals of a suspected paedophile, before retiring to their secret headquarters to high-five and quip.


Parents should know that Blue is the Warmest Colour encourages the acceptance of love in all its forms and the treatment of other human beings with respect and understanding.
Parents should know that Kick-Ass 2 thinks the best way to deal with a high school bully is to force them to publicly shit themselves in a cafeteria queue.