Film review quotes are the DVD distributor’s playthings

Wednesday November 13th 2013

Above is the American DVD art for The Expelled, a ropey British horror movie released in the UK a few years back under the entirely Google-proof title F. On the bottom of the artwork you’ll note a superlative quote from revered horror blog Bloody Disgusting, describing the film as ‘one of the all time best … slasher films’.

When it comes to poster quotes, ellipses are never a good sign, so I thought I’d look up the original text for the sake of comparison. Here it is in all its unexpurgated glory:

‘F can also boast being one of the all time best high school set slasher films. Granted that’s not exactly the highest praise (Yay, you’re better than Slaughter High and Cutting Class! So are most infomercials), but the bar for such things is set so low that I wasn’t expecting much out of the film anyway.’

A glowing endorsement, I’m sure you’ll agree.