Ultra Culture: 1 Month and 8 Days ahead of the Daily Mail

Monday November 16th 2009

October 7th – Ultra Culture runs a blog post under the title ‘The first of two Wednesday posts about Couples Retreat’. Said blog post humourously discusses the apparent ethnic cleansing of the UK Couples Retreat poster and is widely hailed as the best blog post of all time.

November 15th – The Daily Mail runs an articles under the title ‘Race row as black stars are airbrushed from Couples Retreat film poster’ which essentially STOLE OUR PIECE YOU BASTARDS. For some reason, Universal consider the opinion of the Daily Mail to be more important than the opinion of Ultra Culture and are forced to withdraw the poster.

Therefore, in some small way, we DID contribute to a major marketing decision by one of the world’s biggest film studios. This really is JOURNALISM IN ACTION.