The deal with New Moon

Wednesday November 18th 2009

Here at Ultra Culture, we don’t hate on The Twilight Saga. If you went in with an open mind, the first hour of Twilight was actually v-good. The fact that the next half hour was a massive gallery of rubbish was almost incidental.

Unfortunately, we missed out on all the New Moon screenings. Luckily, we’re not quite big enough ponces (yet) to refuse to pay to see it, so we will be going down to our local movie purveyor to checkit within the next week.

HOWEVER, we would like to hear from anyone who is definitely seeing it this Friday and might be interested in doing a quick review. Candidates need to be hardcore Twilight fans who will 100% definitely give the movie a glowing review even if they secretly dislike it.

If you (or anyone you know) fits this description, then e-mail ASAP.

Thanks chaps
Ultra Culture