Tuesday December 8th 2009

Before we get to the whole ‘review’ thing, can I just say:

Dear whoever built The Mayfair Hotel,

It might be a good idea NOT to build a screening room directly above a fucking nightclub, because it can prove hard to watch a tense family drama when the whole thing is permeated by a deafening bass line.


Annoyed Blogger

Ok, that’s enough of that.


Brothers has been made because somebody has noticed that Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire look quite similar, in a strange, not-immediately-evident way. They’ve been looking quite similar since they both started playing teenagers in the late 90s, and the only problem now is that Maguire (who’s 5 years older than Gyllenhaal) still looks about 12.

I won’t bother explaining the plot because you can guess most of the it from the poster.

It’s a tense and slightly affecting movie with a few quite good performances. Unfortunately, it’s also so mind-bendingly overblown that it makes 2012 look like The White Ribbon.

A little bit of Cosmo Landesman style ‘comparative reviewing’ for you there.