An Ode to OWE1

Wednesday December 9th 2009

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Screen 1 at the Odeon West End on the south side of Leicester Square is the best place in London to watch a movie.

It fulfills every single point in our manifesto, even the one about emergency exit signs not being visible from the front row, which makes it unique in London. This is a cinema so perfectly designed that you can sit front row centre and the ‘horizon’ of the stage stops literally an inch short of the screen. It is magic.

Unfortunately, ‘the powers that be’ seem to think otherwise and have sold the site to hotel developers, so you’ve probably only got 6-9 months to enjoy it before it’s gone forever. Get down there. ASAP.

Saying that, Screen 1 is The Descent: Part 2 at the moment, so maybe leave it a week.