Whip It

Thursday December 10th 2009

We went to see Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut Whip It the other day.

It’s about a small-town misfit (played not-exactly-against-type by Ellen Page) who joins a roller derby team and learns to find her own way in life etc. etc. etc. Basically it’s a lot like Roll Bounce.

Barrymore has assembled a ensemble cast of top notch female actors (and Juliette Lewis) and they effortlessly lift what could be a slightly formulaic coming of age story into being REALLY GREAT.

There are bad moments (including a particularly ‘in’ scene at the Alamo Drafthouse) but all things considered, this is easily one of the best family-themed films in ages. NICEONEDREW!

Whip It is out on April 9th 2010. April 9th 2010!