A trip to Disney to see The Princess and the Frog

Wednesday December 16th 2009

Last week, we went to London’s glamourous Hammersmith for a trip to Disney HQ. We were going to see The Princess and The Frog, Disney’s long-awaited return to hand-drawn animation, at an exclusive ‘Blogger’s Screening‘.

It was awful.

Don’t get me wrong: the film was pretty good. It’s short and sweet and avoids most of the things that have made Disney’s last ten year’s worth of output so shit. Saying that, simply reverting to old techniques when new ones fail seems like a bit of a cop out, and they’re still light years behind Pixar.

But what was really unbelievable was the bloggers. I thought it would be great, a big screening full of young people seemed like the perfect antidote to months and months of sitting next to professional reviewers with their perpetual cynicism and insistence on audibly announcing their dislike of movies. I could not have been more wrong.

They were like five year olds: oohing and awwing at every fucking moment, chit-chatting away through half the movie and even (I’M NOT FUCKING KIDDING) screaming a catchphrase from the film in unison in the foyer afterwards. Fuck. Off.

I promise I will never complain about professional film critics again.


The movie was preceded by a message from John Lasseter addressed specifically to ‘all you bloggers over there in London’. Considering there were only about five or six different groups there, I am taking this as categorical evidence that the director of Toy Story is a massive fan of Ultra Culture.