Required Viewing

Wednesday December 23rd 2009

If you haven’t watched It’s a Wonderful Life yet this December then it’s high time you remedied the situation. Amazingly enough, this is the sixth year running that it hasn’t been scheduled on terrestrial UK television so that leaves you with three options:

  • Okay Option: Buy it on DVD (£11.88 on Amazon but you won’t get it in time for the 25th) and enjoy it in incredible outdated ‘standard’ definition.
  • Good Option: Pick up the newly-released Blu-ray (£12.68 on Amazon) and see it in beautifully restored 1080p.
  • Fucking Boss Option: Pretend it’s ‘the past’ and go to a cinema. It’s on at arty places around the country and you can find your nearest here.

Hooray for sincerity!