[Insert Obvious Title-Based Pun Here]

Sunday December 27th 2009

I’m all for not judging a book by its cover, but with a poster this crap, a trailer this awful and a title that sounds like an ITV2 Christmas drama, Did You Hear About The Morgans? was destined to be bad.

For some reason, a new Hugh Grant movie is still considered an event. Especially when it’s a romantic comedy with him and an actress he hasn’t co-starred with before. It happened with Two Weeks Notice, it happened with Music and Lyrics, and now it’s happening with this. In reality, the idea that anyone would get excited about seeing HG and SJP wobbling around together for 2 hours is insane.

Even weirder is the fact that they don’t even bother to explain why Hugh Grant is British.

Hannah Montana: The Movie but without the thoughtful political subtext and the delicate characterisation. Separated big city couple forced to go into hiding in small town America and learn to love the simple way of life. WARNING: This is not one for fans of logic. In what world would a separated couple be forced to relocate to the same house (against their will) when that would only increase the probability of them being discovered by 100%?

Don’t get your hopes up, because DYHATM? is entirely laugh-free. Even worse, they’ve left big pauses after the ‘jokes’ for people to laugh their heads off, so every minute or so there’s a terrible awkward silence in which the actors just look quite pleased with themselves.

This is out on January 1st 2010, which is lucky because there is no way the state of next year’s movies could get any worse. The Spirit was released on the first day of this year so maybe a shit starter is just par for.