Deck the prawns

Thursday December 24th 2009

As you know, we absolutely love Blu-ray [that’s a little hint for tomorrow] so you can imagine how excited we were to walk down to the Post Office Depot on Saturday morning and find a Special Delivery jiffy bag containing a copy of District 9, the undisputed 13th Best Film Of The Year.

We’re giving one away in our Review of the Year crossword competition and the deadline is tomorrow (I’m sure that date has some other significance as well) so if you haven’t already, get your answer in.

A review
I think we summed up the movie as well as humanly possible in our frankly brilliant review back in September, but I would like to add that every aspect of this brillplosion of a movie is delivered impeccably on Blu-ray. There’s something about stuff shot on digital that translates better than film ever can, and the whole thing looks abso fresh.

This is definitely one of the best Blu-ray releases of the year. Fact.

Send It The Cloons.