Oscarwatch: Invictus

Saturday January 2nd 2010

About this time last year we did a whole thing on upcoming Oscar contenders. This year however, an unprecedented amount of them have already come out.

Of the 10 likely nominees, the only ones yet to be released in the UK are Precious, Up In The Air and Invictus.

Invictus is a Clint Eastwood film. In fact it’s his 10th in what’s been a very busy decade for Clintyboy. Like most of his recent output, it’s a lame-as-anything exercise in obvious moral moviemaking that uses a couple of great performances to cover up the fact that it’s actually completely by-the-numbers.

If you can comprehend the following ideas:

  • Racism is bad.
  • Nelson Mandela is good.
  • Sport is redemptive and unifying.

Then you can probably skip this one.